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Donate to Save a Life Road Safety Project

Road crashes are the number one cause of death for young people today.Every year close to 1000 youth lose their life globally as a result of road crashes.Availability of safe blood is both a short term and a long term emergency in Kenya.Every ten minutes someone requires a blood transfusion and its timely accessibility is literally matter of life and death.Kenya is currently faced with rising road crash statistics and shrinking safe blood levels in the blood bank.The challenge therefore is to create awareness on the amount of bloodshed on our roads as we reverse the current national trend through strategies that motivate and make it easier for Kenyans to donate blood. Read More.....


Tech-Abled Project

 The Chariots of Destiny Organization paid a visit to the HP offices in Nairobi to begin the first step in launching the Tech Abled project. This project was started to empower individuals living with spinal cord injuries i.e. paraplegics and quadriplegics through technology. The Executive Director of COD Ms. Casey Marenge was accompanied by two beneficiaries of the tech abled project i.e. Ms. Eva Mueni and Mr. Naftali Nyambane both quadriplegics, alongside COD staff members.

The group met with staff members from the HP offices who made the donation of 10 laptops to COD to be Read More.....


Adopt a Chair Project

 The first project the Chariots of Destiny Organization members embarked on was to  donate a wheelchair a young man paralyzed from the waist down and as a result of  his poor back ground; he had to crawl to the hospital on rough terrain many  kilometers away because he could not afford a wheelchair. Today thousands of  people are living with disabilities and do not have access to or even afford a  wheelchair!The Chariots of Destiny Organization has launched a program dubbed  the "Adopt a Chair Project" to provide wheelchairs to the less fortunate individuals  living with disabilities!Through this project we aim to give people with disabilities  the opportunity to present themselves as they are - entirely normal people with strong personalities looking for a second chance at life!

Read Further on Adopt a Chair Project


Bags of A New Destiny (BAND) project

band logo 1 1 The B.A.N.D project is an information awareness project whose main objective is to give individuals living with spinal cord injuries the information, education and resources they need to prepare them to live with their new "condition" after injury. Once people leave a rehabilitation center, they often have no further resources to assist them to cope with the changes in their lives. The Chariots of Destiny Organization has launched a project called "Bags of a New Destiny" which provides a bag full of information to each person/beneficiary living with a spinal cord injury.

The bag contains samples of healthcare products needed to manage quadriplegia or paraplegia such as catheters. It also contains information on spinal cord injury and its consequences, coping with mobility impairment, reading manuals, journals, CDs and DVDs, information on the rights of persons with disabilities, and most of the necessary information needed to learn how to live with a spinal cord injury. The Chariots of Destiny Organization is delighted to launch this first of its kind project in Kenya which has been supported by HP East Africa Limited.



Life Experiences

Have you ever thought of a road crash and how it happens, when it happens and whether it will ever happen to you? If your answer is yes, what would be your survivor skills? If your answer is no, then I implore you to read this story....Read more


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