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Ninety percent of drivers report witnessing or being a part of road rage, and according to Road and Travel, there are more surprising statistics: males are more susceptible to road rage than women (54% to 46%), drivers age 18-24 are more than drivers 65 and older (67% to 30%), and get this drivers with children more than drivers without (59% to 44%). If you use a cell phone while driving, your chances of raging on the roads are higher than if you were to drive unencumbered (59% to 39%). At a glance, statistics look like stress is the catalytic variable, but other studies have shown there may be other contributing factors.

BMW steps up with powerful anti-texting campaign

Since we first started fighting against distracted driving, I have met with the heads of nearly every leading automaker and I have asked each of them to do what they can to help us end this deadly epidemic.

In December, I met with BMW of North America CEO Jim O'Donnell, who shared my concern about the alarming number of deaths and injuries caused every year by distracted driving.

And I'm pleased to say that today, BMW is joining our fight with a new national anti-distracted driving campaign called, "Don't Text and Drive: When the engine starts, the texting stops . " Soon, people across America will see BMW's powerful new television ad, as well as print and online advertisements reminding drivers that no call or text is worth the risk.

With this initiative, launched just in time for the summer driving season, BMW has really stepped up to the plate. Their new ad campaign says it all -- see it for yourself right here:

As Jim O'Donnell said, "We developed this campaign in hopes of evoking emotion and conveying the serious dangers of distracted driving and its potential consequences.

BMWs message is clear, and I agree 100 percent: stay focused on safety

Remember, Reflect; Remember, Respond

(Phone rings) Hello? Oh hi! Nothing much Im just driving to a meeting. Hey Im almost at the roundabout and I can see a policeman. Can I call you later? Thanks. Bye! Did you know that over 1 million deaths in a year are caused by road crashes? Did you know that 70% of these fatalities occur in developing countries? Did you know that the World Health Organisation ranked road crashes as the 9th leading cause of mortality and disease?

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