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Time for Action

Seven months after the United Nations launched the "Decade of Action for Road Safety" traffic statistics reported that Kenyan roads had already claimed 3,271 lives last year.FIA General Assembly held in New Delhi, India and attended by sport and mobility members from around the world- saw Kenya featuring prominently, but "for wrong reasons."Nevertheless, Kenya Motor Sports Federation (KMSF) is determined to erase this negativity by joining hands with various stakeholders in a bid to reduce accidents on our roads.

The Unsung Heroes

It’s been an ordinary day.  A black blanket spreads across the sky and the stars twinkle just as the nursery rhyme said they would.   The air is filled with sounds of the night – laughter and camaraderie, speed and exhaustion; quiet and contemplation.  Suddenly, the ordinary is shattered by the sudden.  The clash of metal against metal.  The shattering of glass and the screams of agony.  In a moment, the calm of the night is transformed into a desperate rush to save lives and contain losses.  In a moment, the ordinary calm is overtaken by a deathly calm.  The calm of lives nipped in the bud by the now unavoidable – a road crash that could have been avoided with sobriety, seat belts or speed management.  In a moment, all that’s left is KILIO: “To those we lost… For those still here”

Make highways friendly to those with disabilities

Crossing a public road, especially a busy highway, is perhaps one of the most dangerous undertakings in Kenya and Nairobi in particular. Road designers must have a clear understanding of the disabilities within the population in order to incorporate them in the designs.

Where’s My Car Seat???

After much research into the Kenyan Law on issues relating to road safety, it can safely be said that there is no law requiring the use any means of child restraint while travelling with children in motor vehicles. The Traffic Act Section 22 A (3) states that “No person shall be in a motor vehicle which is in motion on a road and occupy a seat in that vehicle in respect of which a seat belt is fitted in accordance with this rule without wearing the seat belt”. That is all the direction you get. In the United Kingdom, the law requires that a child who is less than 12 years or 135 centimeters should have child restraints, in Australia, the age is 7.

Loreti Convent Msongari Students Involved In Bus Crash

On Friday July 29, 2011, an accident along the Meru – Nanyuki Highway resulted in the death of 3 students of Loreto Convent Msongari. Sixteen other students  had critical injuries and were hospitalised in various hospitals, their lives changed forever. According to various media reports, it was indicated that the brakes on the bus failed and as the terrain was a downward slope, the bus spun out of control, rolled a couple of times and hit the stationary Kerugoya Boys school bus. The most chilling account of the accident was the young girl who said that the bus driver apologised before the accident occured.

Defensive Driving Techniques and Tips

Defensive driving can be simply be described as an advanced training course in driving. This course aims to teach the trainee to anticipate any dangerous situation despite the errors of others or in other adverse conditions. Defensive driving aims at reducing the risk of driving. Good defensive driving instructions inform the driver of all the information necessary for improving the driving skills. Defensive driving takes the responsibility of the driver's safety, as well as that of the other passenger's safety.


Ninety percent of drivers report witnessing or being a part of road rage, and according to Road and Travel, there are more surprising statistics: males are more susceptible to road rage than women (54% to 46%), drivers age 18-24 are more than drivers 65 and older (67% to 30%), and get this– drivers with children more than drivers without (59% to 44%). If you use a cell phone while driving, your chances of raging on the roads are higher than if you were to drive unencumbered (59% to 39%). At a glance, statistics look like stress is the catalytic variable, but other studies have shown there may be other contributing factors.

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